Welcome to the Wings of Fire Art Wiki!

This is a place where users can share their drawings and creativity!

It is a place to chat, make art, comics, and anything related to drawing and creativity. Anyone can post their artwork and ideas! This is also a Wings of Fire Wiki to store you pictures, so you don't need to go digging around for them. Also, you can join chat here if needed!

Hello! We want to try to organize this wiki, but we need help!

  • Hallo there, This is Mackenzie209. I would like to promote some people to Administrators, Bureaucrats, Rollbacks, and Chat Moderators to help me organize this Wiki. I'm still fairly new to the Wikia community, so I need some experts who have been on very long. Please leave me a message on my wall or comment in the Promotions Thread, Thank you! ~Mackenzie209
  • This Wiki needs help organizing and improving! Please help. ~Mackenzie209

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  • Wolfkeep


    July 26, 2015 by Wolfkeep

    I'm going to not be on here anymore.

    If you need me you an find me on the fanon or canon wikis

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